Interesting fills and technique patterns used by drummers with different musical backgrounds: from Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, R & B to Jazz, Funk, Latin, Fusion, House, Hip Hop, Drum’n’Bass. In addition to the various technical aspects of drumming, the various concepts of modern drumming are also presented. Ideas are provided that allow an individual interpretation of the material and promote the development of creativity.

The Fill Library offers individual fills, the difficulty varies with skill levels from beginner to advanced to pro-level.
The video teaser provide a preview of the content.
In the individual workshops the patterns are presented step by step in the text and music sheet, the video clips show the figures in different tempos.
Regardless of whether you want to improve speed, independence or playing technique or create new creative ideas for films, the Fill Library offers many possibilities.

Various e-books with different topics or workshop courses for every level of drumming.