MODERN DRUMMING is a practical educational concept that has been proven through many years of teaching and is ideally suited for both drum lessons and self-study. Next to the motivational aspect and the fun of making music, the pedagogic and didactic aspect of truly meaningfully and effectively conveying the contents is the primary focus.

MODERN DRUMMING is equally valuable to beginning drummers, advanced players and professionals. The series covers all relevant topics that are necessary for learning to play the drums in a contemporary, popular fashion, and covers these topics in a systematically progressing manner. MODERN DRUMMING offers teachers and students alike a framework that allows the didactic contents to easily be adapted to each learner’s needs. The CDs that are included with the individual books each contain several play-along songs, recorded by a live band, that immediately allow for the practical application of the learned material: The student begins making music right off the bat, as if he was in a band.

Encompassing five volumes, MODERN DRUMMING is meanwhile considered the standard work for drum teaching and is verifiably the best-selling and in instruction usually-used drum book in the German-speaking region. It is listed as a reference drum book in many contemporary music-related publications.

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